Moba remote solutions

Monitoring your equipment, processes, supplier quality and efficiency

With Moba remote solutions we make it possible for you to remotely connect with your equipment from any location or connect remotely with our HelpDesk team if you need assistance. We offer different solutions from the Moba remote webapp to iMoba.

Remote webapp

Connecting to your machine from the comfort of your own home? Access to your machinery even from miles away? The remote webapp makes it all possible. Our machines are constructed in such a way that you can easily connect with your equipment. The remote webapp enables you to remotely operate your equipment as if you were at the site. You can monitor your equipment, processes, supplier quality and efficiency from any location. Imagine having access to all programs, files and data on your smartphone, from the comfort of your home, as if you were at the packing station! If you need to check or change anything, you can do this wherever you are, on any device with an Internet connection. Think about how much time you will save due to the flexibility of the remote webapp!


Having access to the Moba remote webapp has been a game-changer. I can log onto our Omnia, 4,500 miles away, with a reliable, secure connection as if I were on-site. It has enabled me to cross-reference data with our ERP system, assist with detection system fault diagnosis, and most importantly provide our headquarters 5,000 miles away with valuable raw data to maximize our yields and efficiencies. We can also use the data for on-the-job training. The ease of use is fantastic — simply go to your PC/device and open the webapp, then choose the Moba PCs you wish to access. For companies with multiple sites, I would highly recommend using the Moba remote webapp.
Mr. Dan Needham, Manager of Special Projects at Vital Farms 


Moba RDE

Moba Remote DOS Engineer allows you to connect to the equipment which works with DOS without an analog telephone line. With the RDE, remote support for older installations is available. You can order RDE through our spare parts department or the webshop (part number 21950910).

Turning data into value with iMoba

iMoba is a management information system that turns all the data your grader collects into value. The web-based cloud function collects and updates all the data from your egg grader in a fully automated process, and it has a quick-reference dashboard that shows the current status of your operation. And the best part? You can access iMoba from any location, on any device with an Internet connection.


The iMoba performance pro module license is free of charge when you include a new Omnia service agreement (preventive maintenance). This contract is only applicable to Omnia graders installed as of 2015. You can use iMoba performance pro for free as long as the Omnia service agreement is valid. And the iMoba performance pro module year license is delivered with every newly delivered Omnia.


iMoba can do so much more for your business, please click here for more information.


We at Belview Eggs find iMoba of great benefit to our productivity as we use it in an in-house bonus scheme for our staff. It is also beneficial on seeing what lanes are stopped and the duration of stops which gives us good feedback on package quality and individual staff performance. We also use it for checking egg quality by supplier.
Mr. Dermot Herlihy, Manager Director at Belview Eggs 


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