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We take remote support to the next level

Moba Smart Glasses make the world accessible even in Covid-19 times

Providing assistance and support is the single most important factor in how we do service. We are always exploring ways to innovate the service processes to provide our customers with the best solution. To provide the assistance you are used from us and to get the specific knowledge and skills required onsite in a timely manner, we have intensified and speed up the roll-out of our ‘advanced services’ with a specific focus on remote support. We have been providing remote support for many years now, with for instance the Moba remote webapp and iMoba and now we have added a new solution called Moba Smart Glasses.


Before the Covid-19 pandemic reared its ugly head, we started a pilot using Smart Glasses in cooperation with the Gemvision platform. With Moba Smart Glasses, you have the opportunity to remotely contact Moba experts when you need live assistance. The Smart Glasses allows you to speak with a Moba engineer as if the engineer was onsite. The Moba engineer sees exactly what you see. With this technology, problem-solving and support are no longer limited to the availability of experts to travel to the customers’ site.

Smart Glasses in a nutshell

With this system, our team can guide and assist any remote person wearing these Smart Glasses:

- Things can be pointed out in the view field of the remote person

- Drawings, photos, instruction videos and other relevant information can be shown to the remote person while seeing the      

   equipment on location at the same time

- Findings can be recorded as instructions for others or for further handling by the HelpDesk teams and/or HQ team

- Sessions can be stored to reconvene at any later moment

- Next to the visual aspect an audio connection is present



Little did we know that a pandemic would soon hit the world and we had to follow travel restrictions and other measures. This changed the way our field service team provides support and installations of new and existing equipment. Although the delivery of equipment continued, sending a team to install or maintain the machinery was sometimes a challenge. But we always look for ways to do our best to get the job done! And with Moba Smart Glasses we have found an alternative way to support our customers.


The pilot we did with leaders in our industry was nothing short of a success. The technology has been received with much enthusiasm, resulting in an increased worldwide demand for remote support using Moba Smart Glasses.

Important customer benefits we see by using Moba Smart Glasses are:

·        Improved (decreased) solution lead-time resulting in efficiency and uptime benefits

·        Reduced labor costs while being able to solve issues remotely

·        Logging of call (history)

·        Share photos, videos and workflow all in one call/tool

·        Benefit from “best practice” findings and collections

·        Using Smart Glasses for customers decentralized locations (for example different farms)

Make the world smaller with digital technology

In recent months we have, together with our customers, made the world smaller and accessible by using this technology. Even though we had to face many restrictions due to the pandemic, we contribute to keeping our customers' businesses going. A few examples where Smart Glasses were utilized:

- Remote support for new equipment. A big egg grading installation was planned and send to Hungary. Recently, we were able    to connect with our local service engineer in Hungary to support him with commissioning new third party equipment.

- Mopack150 + MR40 installation. We were able to successfully install the first Mopack150 Farmpacker together with an MR40      robot palletizer in the Asia/Pacific region using local contractors, by supporting them remotely from our headquarters in               Barneveld, The Netherlands. We are currently scheduling the next remote Farmpacker installation in the Middle East.

- Remote training. Our trainers from the Technical Training Centre in Barneveld were able to remotely train a UK customer on       the new grading machine.  

- Troubleshooting existing equipment. We were able to successfully diagnose and solve an issue with a CWT6500 tray washer          in the UK without traveling.

- Service team support and guidance. Experienced service engineers have been supporting and guiding local engineers from           different regions and shared knowledge effectively by using Smart Glasses.

While using the Moba Smart Glasses solution, video workflows can be created and the different working steps can be documented. When completed, these videos can also be used for future training and sharing knowledge effectively and consistently.  

Ready-to-go kit

To use the Smart Glasses, you need a stable Wi-Fi/Internet connection, which is often already available onsite as well as, for example, through the Moba grading equipment. In addition, we deliver a 4G hotspot with the 'ready-to-go Smart Glasses Kit' which allows you to connect with Moba or your other facilities at any time. You can even turn your cell phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and start connecting with the Smart Glasses. The Gemvision platform is available for iOS and Android and is web-based, which means you can use it with any Internet browser on your mobile device or computer.

To find out how Moba Smart Glasses can help your business achieve top efficiency, please contact our Customer Care department or your local Moba sales representative for more information.


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