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Customer concerns regarding ovotrack

Moba will follow its own course in the future

On May 13, Sanovo and Ovotrack announced a strategic alliance as well as a strategic investment in Ovotrack Holding bv. by Sanovo Technology Group. The press release states that the cooperation between the two companies fits into a mutual strategy.


Recently, many Moba customers using Ovotrack have approached us with their concerns. Where does this move leave customers using Ovotrack on Moba equipment when Ovotrack becomes an ally of Sanovo? And how future-proof is my investment?


With more than two decades of experience in traceability, Moba has always followed the principle of developing an open interface together with suppliers of various independent, third-party software platforms, in order to offer our customers the widest possible choice. We want to reassure our customers that the existing functionalities of the link between Moba equipment and Ovotrack software will remain fully functional. But at the same time, Moba is following a different course in the future.


With the iMoba platform, an alternative is available and rapidly expanding that does not require high investment costs, easily connects to multiple sites, runs in the cloud with full backup and safe storage without the need to invest in servers, and—because it is based entirely on web-technology—is absolutely future-proof. In this way, Moba will follow its own course in its approach to software for egg grading, packing and processing stations, offering even more powerful links to ERP platforms and a different level of integration to simplify the lives of its customers.


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