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Moba processing success in the united kingdom

Major farming business puts trust in Moba for its egg processing needs

Due to Brexit, egg producers in the United Kingdom have serious concerns about the liquid egg market. That is why egg producers all over the UK are investigating their options to expand the business. Griffiths Family Farms already trusted Moba for its egg grading and packaging machinery and now the company has decided to also commit to Moba for its egg processing needs.

In the United Kingdom, 13 billion eggs are eaten every year and that number continues to grow. Around 87% of these eggs are produced in the UK with processed eggs making up 21% of the market. The UK Government’s announcement to move to a much more trade liberal approach and to unilaterally remove tariffs on egg imports may lead to imports of cheaper egg products that will make their way on to shelves and into food products in the UK.


The concerns are especially high regarding the liquid egg market as it is a tradeable product that did not benefit to the same extent from retailer commitments to buying British shell eggs. Before Brexit, around 50% of egg imports coming from the EU into the UK were in dried or liquid egg form. Therefore egg producers in the United Kingdom are considering their options to expand their business and add egg processing to their operation. Griffiths Family Farms has already made this decision and invested in Moba egg processing equipment.

Moba – key supplier of egg processing equipment

Griffiths Family Farms has been a family business from the start. The company was founded by Aled and Olwen Griffiths and their sons Gareth and Elwyn continue to develop the business. Currently a new generation, Jonathan and Michael Griffiths, are ready to take the company to the next level. Griffiths Family Farms has been doing business with Moba for many years. Recently the company decided to invest in new egg processing equipment. Mr. Elwyn Griffiths (the processing plant is his project) knew he could rely on Moba for all his egg processing needs. “Many years ago, we switched to Moba equipment for egg grading. As the new generation is taking over the business, we have decided to change brands for egg processing equipment as well. We are confident that the higher level of yield, reliability, and service will bring us more profits. Changing to the Pelbo brand will give the new generation a worry-free operation for many years to come. We are looking forward to a bright future and we will keep doing business with Moba.” The company ordered a complete turnkey breaking operation for their pasteurizing plant to process 1,000,000 eggs/day. The plant supplied to Griffiths Family Farms consists of a Pelbo Synchro200 breaker and a PelboPure pasteurizer for salted/sugared liquid egg products. The full plant is controlled and managed by a complete SCADA plant supervision system. Moba engineers will supervise sanitary piping construction and the start-up of the plant.

Over the following months, we will follow the progress of the installation at Griffiths Family Farms and other egg processing projects in the UK on our website.


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