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MR12 replaces CP12


CP12 production discontinued for new projects

As of February 2018, the CP12 will be replaced by the MR12 for all new projects. After initially targeting the North American market with its specific packing patterns, the latest version MR12 can also handle other patterns used around the world. This makes that the MR12 has become a mature product, superior to the CP12.

This was basis for the decision to standardize the MR12 for all twin-case-pack applications in the future. This means that Moba will no longer produce the CP12. Of course - just as all other Moba products - CP12 users can count on our longtime support for service and parts. For more information about Product Support click here.


The MR12 is Moba’s state-of-art high capacity twin case-packer with a maximum capacity per channel up to 32.400 eggs per hour (depending on pack-type and pattern). The MR12 can handle a broader range of patterns, is leaner, greener and offers new functionalities. Daily operation and product change-over are easier / faster for operators and reduces the chance on mistakes.

If you have any questions on support of CP12, please contact our Customer Care department: .


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