Product Support

We know support is crucial

Product support

You can count on our support

Moba takes pride in the fact that our equipment is known for very long operational lifecycles in the market. We always do our utmost to support our customers, no matter how many years the equipment has been in operation.

However, we occasionally encounter situations in which certain OEM parts or services are no longer available. Although you can count on our long-term support, in some cases we may be unable to guarantee full availability of all parts and service. Below is a table of time periods in which we can guarantee the delivery of all parts and service for your products.  For active products, this guarantee is at least 15 years.

Machine Active Support at least until Serial no series
Selecta 12R December 1, 2016
Selecta 18R December 1, 2016
Selecta 24R December 1, 2016
M1000 December 1, 2016
M1500 December 1, 2016
M2000 September 1, 2010
M3000 December 1, 2016
M4000 September 1, 2010
M4000 September 1, 2010
M6000 September 1, 2010
M8000 September 1, 2010
Flex 3500 December 1, 2016
Flex 5100 December 1, 2016
Omnia 250 P1 January 1, 2018 250xx
Omnia 330 P1 January 1, 2018 330xx
Omnia 85 P2 January 1, 2021 850xx
Omnia 125 P2 January 1, 2021 125xx
Omnia 170 P2 January 1, 2021 170xx
Omnia 250 P2 January 1, 2021 251xx
Omnia 330 P2 January 1, 2021 331xx
PRIMA 2000 Active product
Moba 2500 Active product
Omnia 85 XF Active product 852xx
Omnia 125 XF Active product 1252xx
Omnia 170 XF Active product 172xx 175xx
Omnia 250 XF Active product 252xx
Omnia 330 XF Active product 332xx 335xx
Omnia 125 FT Active product 1253xx
Omnia 170 FT Active product 173xx
Omnia 250 FT Active product 253xx
Omnia 330 FT Active product 333xx 334xx
Omnia 500 FT Active product 5003xx
Omnia 250 PX Active product 251xxx
Omnia 350 PX Active product 350xxx
Omnia 500 PX Active product 501xxx
Omnia 530 PX Active product 530xxx
Omnia 700 PX Active product 700xxx