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Increase flexibility with Moba Uniflex

New concentration unit for treating liquid eggs

Moba introduces Uniflex, a new concentration unit for treating liquid eggs. This easy-to-operate, fully integrated automation system processes whole eggs and egg whites with just one unit and has a capacity from 3,000 liters per hour up to 9,000 liters per hour.

Moba Uniflex is a concentration unit that separates water from liquid eggs and dry-sprays solids to turn them into powder. The new technology concentrates whole eggs up to 1.5 times and egg whites up to 2 times, yet uses less energy than evaporation technology. It is more energy efficient and the Uniflex processes more liquid eggs to produce greater quantities of powder and increases the productivity of an existing spray dryer. All that in just one concentration unit; there is no need for two separate units because the Moba Uniflex can treat both whole eggs and egg whites. And due to its own CIP (Cleaning In Place) unit, the Uniflex meets all the high food safety standards.


If you want to know more about what Moba Uniflex can do for your business, please contact our Processing Team ( or check the product page.


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