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Fabio Gualtieri: the new General Manager of Moba Italia

"Excited for my new role at the company"

In 2016, Moba joined forces with Italian company Pelbo, a leading and innovative manufacturer of equipment for the egg breaking and processing market with an excellent reputation. This has been a strong cooperation and now the time has come to completely merge Pelbo into the Moba Group. From now on, all processing activities will be handled by Moba Italia. With Mr. Fabio Gualtieri as the new General Manager, who has worked at Pelbo since 2000.


Stronger together

"It has never been a question if I would join the family business", Fabio said. His grandfather Giorgio Pellegrinelli, his uncle Gabriele Pellegrinelli and his mother Laura founded Pelbo back in 1982. "Pelbo was a huge part of my childhood, I basically grew up with it. So all I ever wanted was to help with the business. And that moment came in 2000 when I took on a technical role within the company, then five years later I switched to sales." Fabio's role within the company changed yet again when Pelbo joined forces with Moba, becoming the Sales Director and Product Manager of egg processing. He continued: "That was back in 2016. Moba was interested in us due to our long history and good reputation as the technology leader in egg processing equipment. By joining forces, we could benefit from Moba's strong global service and sales network and Moba could expand its portfolio to cover all the needs, from egg breaking through egg pasteurization systems, which gave them a bigger stake in the egg processing industry. And our cooperation has turned out to be a perfect match. We have already commissioned over 50 complete egg breaking and processing plants."


What makes the cooperation between Moba and Pelbo stand out in the industry, is that from the start the focus has been on creating a single processing center in Brugherio, Italy. That makes the Brugherio factory unique as it is the only facility where all the key elements of the egg processing plant are developed, designed, manufactured and made into a seamlessly integrated system. By having all processing activities under one roof, maximum coordination as well as the integration of solutions can be achieved.


Moba Italia is the future

"I am excited for my new role within the company. The cooperation between Moba and Pelbo has been a fruitful one, and now the time is right to merge the brands completely. In the future, we will no longer refer to Pelbo but Moba Italia. The Pelbo product name will not completely disappear, as the Pelbo brand stands for high-quality equipment and innovative solutions. So Pelbo will still be visible on the equipment, like PelboPure and the Pelbo Ovolution systems, but the company name is now Moba Italia. This will confirm Moba's position as both a global leader in egg grading and a key supplier for all egg processing needs."

New opportunities

A new chapter is beginning as Fabio takes on the role of General Manager. This is an exciting new challenge, as Moba has become a world leader in egg processing. "We have always been committed to innovation. 2021 has only just begun, but we already have launched the Crono9 loader, the highest capacity loader available on the market today. We have also introduced Moba Uniflex, a combined concentration system for both egg whites and whole eggs, which has never been seen in the industry. This is a very interesting product for our powder processing customers that want to increase the flexibility of their production, save energy and reduce costs. And let's not forget the recent introduction of Moba EggXtreme, a processing concept that improves the traditional way of egg processing by emphasizing the high quality and freshness of the egg product and reduces the chance of contamination during the process. This system includes the use of low-temperature radiofrequency that allows for longer shelf life, longer production runs and drastic reduction of cleaning costs. These are thrilling times with great innovations that will change the egg processing industry. Our portfolio is expanding, and we are finding ways to improve the traditional processing methods that have great benefits for our customers."


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