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Introduction to Autopack

Optimizing your business with Moba Robotics

Moba equipment is packed with technology. In previous editions of Moba News, we have shared some "hidden gems" in our egg graders: now it is time to take a closer look at Moba Autopack and especially robotics. With over 600 robotics installations worldwide, Moba has an excellent track record in automation. In this first article, we will introduce Moba Autopack and share more about our MR-family. Then in the upcoming issues of Moba News, we will focus on case packing and the unique features of the Moba case packer family. 


Autopack is all automation that is used in the egg industry to automatically handle eggs in trays, consumer packs, cases and pallets. Basically, it is all of the peripheral equipment around an egg grading machine, as egg graders are becoming more and more an integral part of a complete solution. As the leading manufacturer in the egg industry, Moba envisioned this a long time ago and therefore evolved from a machine builder to a solution provider.


Adding automation to your plant has many benefits. You will reduce labor costs significantly and require less staff as robotics take over human tasks. A great solution as it has become increasingly difficult for companies in some countries to find staff. Plus your employees are relieved of physically demanding work. You can also increase capacity and efficiency by adding robotics to your business. And food safety is also improved: fewer tasks requiring human handling means fewer contamination risks while also reducing operator errors.


Moba offers a large range of egg packing machines that perform a single task and egg packing equipment that performs a series of tasks and facilitates the egg packing process from A to Z. Every egg producer or packing station has its portfolio of products and packages, as well as the logistics surrounding these products. For that reason, we developed several flexible modules to create a total solution for every unique situation.

I am pleased with the performance of Moba Robotics. After the first two MR12 case packers were installed, we were very impressed with both the production output and the reliability. It exceeded our expectations so we didn't have to think twice about ordering two more units.
- Mr. Don Trefz, D.A. Hall -


By introducing the MR-series, Moba offers various solutions for your egg packing operation. An overview of our MR-series product line:


The MR10 Case Packer is designed to pack consumer packs and trays into large cases. Depending on the type of egg pack, the capacity of the MR10 can vary from 30,000 up to more than 40,000 eggs/hour.                                                                                                                  

test-1The MR12 is a Twin Case Packer robotic system developed to pack consumer packs into trays, cases and crates to the highest capacity. With a unique feature to process two independent products.

test-1The MR30 Case Packer is a smart combination of all the MR10 capabilities, with additional options to pack into displays and shippers.                                                                   

test-1 MR40 Tray Palletizer is a system that automatically places trays, pulp
and/or plastics into pallets.


MR50 De-Palletizer is capable of de-palletizing stacks of trays from all known pallet systems.                       


The MR60 Case Palletizer is capable of palletizing cases and crates filled with consumer packs. 

With this series of Robotics—and additional peripheral equipment like top lidders or additional functions such as case labeling—Moba can build a complete, seamlessly integrated system, perfectly tailored to each customer. All Autopack modules are part of one technical family which ensures high standards of integration and sharing connections, resulting in total traceability throughout the production chain. By adding Moba Robotics, you will achieve maximum efficiency and deliver products with the highest standard of food safety.


Curious to see what Moba Robotics can do for your business? In the upcoming weeks, we will be focusing on some of the "hidden gems" in our case packers that make all the difference. So keep a close eye on our newsletter Moba News!  


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