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Color key candling in grading machines 

Simplicity is the key!

Moba egg graders are packed with technology. Some designs are worth further investigation as they represent crucial customer value. In this series of articles, we will be zooming in on these "hidden gems." This time, we take a closer look at color key candling in Moba egg graders.



In the grading process, it is crucial to sort out all the off-grade eggs — that is to say, any eggs that do not comply with the required standard. In many cases, off-grade eggs are detected by visually inspecting the egg flow on the grading machine. This is best done when the eggs are on the infeed rollers, since these rollers make the eggs spin on their axis, meaning they can be inspected on every side. If the machine's capacity and speed are not too high, this visual inspection can be performed manually by one or two operators alongside the infeed system.

In general, all grading machines are capable of sorting out eggs to one or more outputs (packing lanes or outlets) according to the specific properties of the individual eggs. But how can operators tell the machine about these properties if they are performing the visual inspection manually? This is where "color keys" come into play…


Using a simple chain construction and two colored buttons, operators can talk to the machine in a sort of binary code and let the control software know if an egg has specific off-grade properties such as cracks, dirt or blood. We have used the two buttons to create four signals for communicating with the control software, enabling you to determine the four off-grade categories. Although off-grade definitions can be freely selected in the HMI, we recommend the following combination:


The eggs will be counted and dropped to the assigned destinations for these off-grade properties according to the setting on the HMI. Here you can see, simplicity is the key!


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