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Introducing the Single Tray Loader

High-end loader now available for 6-row wide systems

With the increasing importance of food safety came the need for a loader with a hygienic design with true top-line efficiency. That is why Moba introduced the FL loader, with the revolutionary "common speed loading" principle, years ago. And now, with the launch of the Single Tray Loader125, this high-end feature is also available for 6-row wide systems: a loader that gently places the content of a single tray onto the infeed with minimal impact on the eggs, with a capacity of up to 125 cases/hour.


Reducing the impact on the eggs

The SL125 is placed in front of the egg grader as eggs from different farms and layer houses are gathered on trays at the grading station. Moving the eggs from the trays onto the rollers is a critical process. If the eggs are not treated gentle enough, cracks can occur, which means a loss of grade A eggs. That is why Moba has developed the "common speed loading" principle. How does it work? When placing the eggs on the infeed rollers, the loader synchronizes its speed with the infeed resulting in a gentle release of the eggs onto the rollers. This way of loading is unique in the egg industry and has proven to be the most gentle way to handle eggs while loading, which can result in tremendous improvements when compared to machines not using this principle.


After unloading the eggs, the empty trays go to the stuck egg detection sensor to check if any eggs are still left on the trays. If so, that specific tray is directed to the rejected tray buffer position. The remaining empty trays will be stacked vertically for further logistics processing.


Meeting the highest hygiene standards

The SL loader follows the high cleanability standard set by the industry, as it is designed using open constructions that can all be foamed and rinsed using low-pressure cleaning systems. Because the SL loader is constructed in this open way, dirt traps are prevented as much as possible. Plus, the minimal legs supporting the loader make cleaning the area below and surrounding the loader easy and efficient. So the SL loader not only meets high hygiene standards but also makes your operation as efficient as possible by reducing cleaning time.


Configuring to your specific requirements

A huge benefit of the SL loader is, that there are multiple configurations available, suitable for your specific layout and requirements, to create the ultimate fit for your packing station. Or you can use one of two main configurations: the "side" configuration, where the loader is positioned on one side of the infeed (either side) or the more traditional "U-layout", where the loader is placed perpendicular to the infeed.


Besides the orientation toward the grader, the loader itself can be configured left- or right-handed, meaning that the direction in which the trays move is reversed. This can be used to further streamline logistic processes in the packing station.


So if you are looking for a way to further automate your packing station, the SL loader is your efficient and flexible loading solution! For more information, please contact your sales representative.


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