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All you need to know about Moba’s breaking technology

How the cracking head makes all the difference

Moba egg grading, packaging and processing equipment are packed with technology. Some designs are worth further investigation as they represent crucial customer value. In this series of articles, we will be zooming in on these "hidden gems". This time, we take a closer look at the breaking technology of our processing equipment, focusing on the cracking head, which ensures that every egg, no matter the size, is optimally drained, resulting in the highest yield in the market!


The key component of every egg processing plant is the egg breaker: here, at the first step of your operation, it is determined how much of the egg liquid is used. And that is why the cracking head is considered to be the core of the egg breaker: If you can even drain 1% more, you will increase your profits significantly! That is why all our egg breakers are equipped with an exclusive egg-breaking system, which ensures maximum yield due to the specific inclination and shape of the cracking head, resulting in the total recovery of the liquid contained inside the shell.

Draining the egg

Moba's egg cracking head is the result of many years of experience in the field of egg processing, extensive research and our everlasting quest for perfection. But how exactly are such amazing results achieved?

The exclusive inclination degree of the cracking head ensures that the eggs coming from the infeed conveyor are received and picked up perfectly, whatever their size and shape. The eggs are then hit by two knives to make a small fracture in the egg. The special material and configuration of the knives ensure a perfect and smooth break of the shell. The knives then open the egg to empty it. The angle of the cracking head combined with the opening created by the two knives, larger than the opening found on any other type of egg-breaking system, allows to drain the liquid of the egg till almost the last drop. The shells and knives do not obstruct the outlet of yolk, so even large-sized eggshells can be completely emptied without damaging the yolk and leaving only the wet membrane behind. This also ensures that the yolk does not contaminate the egg white. During the draining process, the cracking head holds the shell in its cradle precisely, thus preventing eggshells from falling into liquid products.


The first image shows a horizontal cracking head, a breaking technology that is often used in the egg industry. In this design the liquid remains stuck between the shell and the knives, obstructing the draining process. The second image is of the Moba cracking head. Due to its special working angle, the liquid of the egg is drained till almost the last drop, accomplishing better results than any other technology.


Our breakers have a 20% extended draining time in comparison with other breakers on the market. After the egg has been opened, the liquid is immediately released into the separating cups. The cracking heads holding the leaking shells and separation cups with yolk and albumen run in parallel through the draining area until the draining process is completed, so every possible drop of liquid is recovered and processed. This results in minimum loss of egg whites and achieves the highest yield possible on the market!


Moba’s cracking heads create an opening that is larger than the opening found on any other type of egg-breaking system. This image shows the beginning of the draining during separation in a Moba cracker. When the draining process has been completed, the eggshell will be empty.

Additionally, all the moving parts of the cracking heads are protected with self-lubricating bushings, so metal-on-metal contact is avoided. This ensures a longer lifetime for the equipment. And when it is time for maintenance, the cracking heads, which are mounted on robust stainless steel bars, can be easily removed. The design meets the highest hygienic standards, and its open construction makes the equipment easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance activities.


With Moba's cracking head, you can count on perfect egg draining, minimal damages in the yolk membrane and maximum shell emptying. So you will get the most out of your eggs. Literally! All Moba egg breakers are equipped with these state-of-the-art cracking heads, with processing capacities from 900 to 225,360 eggs/hour. For more information about Moba's egg breakers, please contact your sales representative.


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