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Growing possibilities with iMoba 2.0

Major update to the groundbreaking app

In 2016, Moba launched iMoba: a software platform that consists of various modules that enable users to monitor, manage and improve the performance of their Moba equipment as the app automatically collects all of your egg grader's data and puts those numbers into helpful graphics and reports. Hundreds of customers have already discovered the benefits of iMoba and that number is still growing. To prepare for growing functionality and stability, Moba has decided to carry out a major iMoba upgrade.


With iMoba 2.0 you can expect all the functionalities you are used to from iMoba — however, there are some exciting upgrades. An important change is the database structure and cloud functionality. Before the update, it used to take some time to load the weekly or yearly view. Now, with the upgraded iMoba 2.0, it is a matter of seconds before the requested data is shown, provided you have a reliable Internet connection. This means that the loading and response times have been significantly reduced!


As always, you don't need to worry about the security of your data as the iMoba app uses the latest technologies. An authenticator app must be used to log in to ensure the safety of your data.


And checking your data has never been easier! In iMoba 2.0 the menu section and the date and daily/weekly/monthly/yearly views now scroll with the complete page. This section therefore no longer occupies a significant part of your screen, which gives you a better view of your graphics and data! Plus the look and feel of the app have been improved. Slicker menus, improved graphics and a fully configurable personalized real-time dashboard to show you the information you want to see.


What iMoba can do for you?

If you are an iMoba-user you can look forward to all of these upgrades. Check your email in the upcoming weeks as you will receive an instruction email on how to migrate to iMoba 2.0. For more information, please contact our Customer Care department. The Customer Care tool has also been improved in iMoba 2.0, so our Customer Care team will be even better equipped to support you.


Harnessing big data could make egg processing equipment run more efficiently, helping operators save money and time. So if you are not an iMoba-user yet, don’t wait any longer! All iMoba modules have a three-month free trial in case of subscriptions for existing equipment. With new machines, one year of iMoba Performance Pro is included unless a longer period is agreed and stated in the order confirmation. For more information, please check our webpage or contact your Sales representative.


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