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What the MR60 can do for your business

Automating the case palletizing process

Moba equipment is packed with technology to optimize your production process. In previous editions of Moba News, we discussed all the ins and outs of our MR robotics series. However, there is still one product from this series left to be discussed: the MR60 case palletizer. This robot is capable of palletizing cases and crates filled with consumer packs.


Once your eggs have been graded and packed, these packs or trays filled with eggs are put into cases. These cases need to be placed onto a pallet for further transportation to a warehouse, retailer or distribution center. In most packing stations, this final and important step in the process is done manually, which is labor-intensive and physically demanding for your staff. With the help of Moba robotics, you can automate every step of the process, including palletizing the cases. For this job, you can count on Moba's MR60 to be a reliable partner. The robot is available in many configurations with a wide variety of options to meet the needs of any customer.

Following the pattern

First, the cases filled with trays or packages are transported from the case packer to the palletizer. Just before entering the cell, the cases are identified and sorted to the right robot pickup point, based on a barcode that is present on each case or crate. This barcode belongs to a product, which can be assigned to the right pickup point in the HMI of the MR60. The MR60 picks the cases from one of the pickup points and places them onto the corresponding pallet in a predefined pattern.


Moba has developed a modular palletizer concept, from which two main concepts can be configured and several options can be chosen. A tailor-made solution is offered depending on your needs: this can be a semi-automatic or a fully automatic concept. With the semi-automatic concept, empty pallets are manually placed in the cell. The robot will automatically pick and place the cases on the pallet. Once this job is done, the full pallet is taken out manually. While there is a person in the cell for this manual intervention, the palletizer stops to ensure safety.


For the fully automatic configuration, a stack of empty pallets needs to be put in the system. A pallet destacker then takes out one empty pallet from the stack and feeds it into the cell. The empty pallet is picked up by the robot and placed on the correct conveyor. After completing the palletizing, the full pallet is automatically transported to the outside of the robot cell, where it can be picked up by a forklift truck or automatically transported by a transfer car toward a wrapper.

test-1Fully automatic

The heart of the operation

The gripper of the MR60 is considered the heart of the operation. What makes the gripper such a reliable asset is that it supports the case during transport rather than compressing it. It handles the cases gently and with care, without affecting the efficiency and performance of your operation. This feature makes all the difference, especially for open-top cases that contain a very fragile product like eggs.


The other key feature is the flexibility of the gripper, which ensures the efficiency of the robot. The gripper can handle many different case sizes and even crates (crate must be tested first). It is capable of picking and placing four cases at the same time. However, placing cases together on the pallet is not always possible. To get around this issue, the gripper has independent gripping sections that allow it to place cases individually onto a pallet. This makes it possible to adjust it to suit any pattern, thereby optimizing the efficiency of your operation.

test-1The gripper: the heart of your operation

Easy to use

The MR60 is your partner for all your case palletizing needs. The robot is equipped with a simple user interface. You can quickly start product runs by assigning a product to the right pickup point and pallet position. And a special feature of the MR60 is that new products can be created based on known patterns simply by adjusting the case sizes in the HMI. It is that easy!


Another advantage of the MR60 is that many different options can be added to the robot, making it the perfect solution for your operation:

  • ·        The MR60 is equipped with layer pad storage for placing layer sheets

·        The MR60 is equipped with a case stacking unit to gain capacity for low cases
A double pallet destacker configuration is possible if you need to handle two different pallet types simultaneously




Pallet de-stacker

·       Extra door positions are possible depending on the layout, so you can make sure it fits perfectly into your packing station

·        A twin-cell configuration with one or two shared destackers is also possible

test-1Layout alternatives

All of these possibilities ensure that the MR60 will fit perfectly into your plant and will smooth out daily production for worry-free operation.


For more information about the MR60, please contact your sales representative.


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