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How cavitation homogenizing improves the pasteurization process

Obtaining better results

Moba egg grading, packaging and processing equipment are packed with technology. Some designs are worth further investigation as they represent crucial customer value. In this series of articles, we will be zooming in on these "hidden gems." This time we take a closer look at the homogenization process and how Moba Cavitation Homogenizer not only obtains better results but also extends the pasteurizer run time and saves you money.


Pasteurization is the method that reduces harmful microorganisms like salmonellae in liquid eggs. The homogenizer is part of the egg pasteurization process and helps to obtain a stable product with a longer shelf life. This technology finely mixes the yolk and the egg white, avoiding segregation after pasteurization and higher temperature pasteurization due to a more homogenous behavior of the whole egg. Homogenization breaks the fat particles into smaller particles to slow down the coalescing process that results in separation.  


High pressure, high cost

For decades, high-pressure homogenization systems were commonly used in the egg processing industry. These systems use pressure to reduce particles or droplets in emulsions to the required size (usually submicron). How does it exactly work? The high-pressure homogenization system is basically a piston pump that pushes whole eggs through a small orifice, breaking up the product particles and creating a fine mixture. This method is considered to be a source of high costs as the effect of the egg product coagulating on the surface of a heat exchanger (either plate or tubular) in a liquid egg pasteurizer system is a major challenge in the industry — it limits production up-time, impacts product quality and increases cleaning costs.

Moba understood that there was a need for a better way and therefore upgraded the homogenizing technology by utilizing controlled cavitation. This innovative method of homogenization, called Cavitation Homogenizer, has been the Moba way for almost ten years. 


Moba Cavitation Homogenizer

The Moba Cavitation Homogenizer technology utilizes the power of microscopic cavitation to homogenize and heat egg products. This revolutionary technology uses the controlled cavitation effect, which is induced in the egg by a special rotor that spins at very fast speeds, enabling scale-free heating of the liquid egg products. The special shape of the rotor, in combination with the high speed, creates vacuum bubbles. These bubbles implode immediately, releasing energy from the implosions, which is transferred into the liquid by means of an energy wave. The intense energy, carried by shockwaves in the form of pressure gradients, bursts the fat molecules in the yolk for perfect homogenization. By controlling the rotational speed of the rotor, the Moba Cavitation Homogenizer can control the energy transfer from the shockwaves into the product. At the same time, the friction at the molecular level generates fouling-free heat, increasing the temperature of the product instantly by up to 8°C. This results in an improved homogenizing result.


                                                                                         Typically, the Moba Cavitation Homogenizer is installed after the first heating        

                                                                                          phase, leaving only a marginal heating function to the traditional heat exchanger.

What can Moba Cavitation Homogenizer do for your business?

Not only will you obtain better results, but the Moba Cavitation Homogenizer has even more benefits in store for you:

·        Gentler homogenization that ensures the protection of the functional properties of the egg product;

·        Allows pasteurization at high temperatures for extended periods (up to +8 h) without cleaning thanks to scale-free 


·        The run time is typically extended by four hours in comparison with traditional pasteurizing systems as no heat transfer is 

needed and therefore no fouling takes place in the pasteurizer. The run time can even last as long as 12 hours between Cleaning-In-Place (CIP);

·        Reduced operational costs:

   - Less CIP

   - Fewer chemicals

   - Fewer production losses

·        Eco-friendly: Savings on water treatment due to lower volumes of waste water;

·        Easy maintenance and significantly lower cleaning costs in comparison with a high pressure homogenizer due to fewer 

moving parts.

For almost a decade, the Moba Cavitation Homogenizer system has proven to be the superior solution compared to the traditional high pressure homogenizer. Foaming and baking tests have shown that products that are pasteurized and homogenized by the Moba cavitation homogenizer perform better than those processed using a high pressure homogenizer.


If you would like to know more about Moba's homogenization technology, please contact your Moba sales representative.


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