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Moba egg grading, packaging and processing equipment are packed with technology. Some designs are worth further investigation as they represent crucial customer value. In this series of articles, we will be zooming in on these "hidden gems." In this issue of Moba News, we take a closer look at Moba's preselected case erectors: a suitable solution to further minimize operator handling.

The Moba Autopack line consists of different robotics modules for the egg packing operation that makes it possible for egg producers to automate every step of the egg grading and packing process: from tray handling and consumer pack handling to case packing. By adding case erectors to your operation, you can minimize operator handling even further and take the automation of the case packing process to the highest level. A case erector unfolds cases and closes the bottom firmly with tape or hot-melt adhesive. To handle this task, Moba has preselected two case erectors that perfectly integrate with Moba case packers and are unrivaled in terms of quality, performance, reliability and usability: the MCE20 and the CER12.


The MCE20

The MCE20 has been specially developed to be integrated with an MR12 directly behind the grader. As the MR12 Casepacking robot has two independent channels, it can run two different products at the same time. Two case erectors often don't fit into the layout — that's why the MCE20 is the ideal solution! This case erector has a narrow footprint and handles two different sizes simultaneously, making it unique in the industry! This is possible as the case stores are placed behind each other instead of next to each other, with a cart that transports the blank back and forth. Each store can hold approximately 200 flat cases for 30 minutes of work.


This case erector has a capacity of up to 9 cases/minute from both stores, 4.5 per channel. The MCE20 is designed for all common boxes such as full cases, half cases, cater-packs and all cases in-between. Most standard case erectors are suitable to handle only left- or right-handed cases, so you always need to choose which erector you need at purchase. However, with the MCE20 this is all in the past, as it can handle both; the unfolding direction is simply a product setting. The MCE20 is also ideal for shelf-ready and pre-cut cases. These cases are often used in supermarkets and have been the cause of difficulties for many standard case erectors. They pose no problem for the MCE20 however, as it can handle most formats as long as holes and perforations are not in the gripping areas.


The MCE20 comes with a single unit for bottom sealing with self-adhesive tape or you can add the hot-melt adhesive option. As production should ideally continue with minimum changeover time, the MCE20 is designed to change a product in a single store and continue operation from the other. Flexible and efficient! Plus, the MCE20 is very easy to operate. The onscreen operator menu, buttons and lights have the same feeling as the MR12 so the operator can easily switch between both systems. Without the need for any exchange parts, the operator can activate a product and assign it to a designated input channel of the MR12. Those are just a few of the benefits this case erector has to offer. It provides the best return on investment for your business when maximum flexibility is needed.

Bottom sealing with tape                                                                           

Bottom sealing with hot-melt adhesive


The CER12

The CER12 is a fully automatic, singular case-folding machine. It can be easily connected with Moba's MR10 and MR30 case packers. If you only run one product on the MR12, only one CER12 is needed. In that case, a case divider is applied which divides the single-stream cases over the double channels. If you do run two different products at the same time, you need two CER12s, which requires a wider footprint.


                                                                                                             Layout of the CER12 with MR12 (including case divider)

The CER12 has a capacity of up to 9 cases/minute and can handle different case sizes. The magazine holds approximately 80 B flute case flats, for at least 10 minutes of work. With this case erector, it is possible to seal the bottom of the case with either self-adhesive tape or hot-melt adhesive (optional). The machine is very easy to operate, with clear access and simple controls. It also offers easy and quick size changes, meaning total flexibility.


For this case erector, Moba teamed up with Endoline Automation, a specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality end of line packaging machinery, to comply with the highest standard in case erecting solutions and guarantee service and the availability of spare parts.


If you want to know more about Moba's preselected case erector solutions, please contact your local Moba sales representative.


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