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Moba joins forces with TAV Ingenieria S.A.

Strengthening the portfolio by adding egg powder processing


At the VIV Europe 2022 show in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Moba and TAV Ingenieria S.A. signed an agreement for a new collaboration. Since its foundation, TAV, an Argentinian company, has conquered the egg processing industry and achieved a strong global brand. Through the years, TAV has developed its own technology for the design, development, construction, assembly and commissioning of complete plants that focus on the evaporation and spray drying of products such as milk and powdered egg for the food, pharmacological and biotechnological industries. Partnering with TAV will strengthen Moba’s portfolio by adding egg powder processing.


Mr. Fabio Gualtieri, General Manager of Moba Italia, is excited about the possibilities this new partnership offers our customers. “TAV Ingenieria S.A. designs easy-to-use and effective equipment that operates according to the latest technologies at an international level with emphasis on hygienic aspects and details aimed at avoiding cross or bacteriological contamination. Its spray drying systems are known for their excellent performances and high-quality  product. This technology offers our customers an effective method for egg powdering. Combined with Moba’s processing equipment, we can now offer opportunities for our customers to take their operation to the next level with egg powder high-tech equipment. And thanks to Moba’s strong global presence, processing customers all around the world can count 24/7 on Moba’s Service team.”


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