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Moba engineers: There when our customers need them

Flying all around the world

The Moba Service engineers are a team of experts that are always there when our customers need them. It is their job to keep the Moba machines in top condition with periodic maintenance and to solve malfunctions quickly. Moba has subsidiaries all over the world and works with an extensive network of agents. Thanks to this cooperation, Moba is represented in over 70 countries. This enables us to offer quick support when needed. However, flying all around the world is still part of the job for the Moba Service engineer.


Packing his suitcase has become routine for Mr. Kristian Steiner (44). The service technician has been working at Moba for 21 years solving malfunctions, maintaining machines, and advising customers on almost all continents. "The best part of my job? The variety, traveling to countries all around the world, getting acquainted with different cultures, meeting nice customers and overcoming technical challenges." His colleague, Mr. Bart Groot-Boerle (30), nods in agreement. He also enjoys representing Moba at companies all around the world. "Making customers happy is the best thing there is. One egg producer sees us as a savior in the event of a breakdown and another as the culprit," he explains. "But we will work it out eventually. You will understand that communication is paramount in our profession.”


The head office in Barneveld is the operating base for the service technicians, who work closely with foreign technicians and agencies. Some jobs are completed within a few days, but it is also possible that they are away from home for three weeks. "It is a way of living," says Kristian. "After all these years, the home front is used to me being away from home a lot. I always try to bring them a nice souvenir, for example, French mustard or a Japanese napkin with my daughter's name embroidered on it."


Hard work

That almost sounds like a vacation, but the trips are certainly no jaunts. The service technicians work long hours and are challenged to the max — from electronics to mechanics and from robots to software. Kristian: "We never stop learning. Moba offers about twenty different machines and then there are also older machines that customers still use." Bart explains: "You have to be well prepared when you start working with equipment that has been running for many, many years. It says Moba on our shirt, so customers can expect that we know everything about any Moba machinery they have running, even equipment we no longer offer in our product portfolio."


Kristian is proud that Moba has managed to keep the family feeling despite the strong growth. "We have become a global player, but we still offer the same personal service to our customers. Customers don't just buy a machine, but literally, enter into a relationship with Moba. I like to contribute to that at the customer's site."


Mr. Bart Groot-Boerle


Mr. Kristian Steiner 


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