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Contiflow: a fully flexible pack and tray transport system

Optimize your system layout 

Moba egg grading, packaging, and processing machines are packed with technology. Some designs are worth further investigation as they represent crucial customer value. In this series of articles, we will be zooming in on these "hidden gems". In this edition, we will explain more about Moba's flexible tray and pack transport system called Contiflow.


To transfer packs and trays from your egg grader to additional automation equipment, such as case packers and shrink wrappers, Moba offers Contiflow: a fully flexible pack and tray transport system that helps to optimize your system layout, since it can be adapted to your building. The system is fully automatic, meaning human handling is reduced to a minimum. Adding Contiflow to your operation allows you to stack four conveyor levels with a manual pickup point on top (see below). Without the manual pickup point, a maximum of five conveyor levels can be reached.


Moba's Contiflow system offers optimum flexibility and can merge, transport, sort and buffer a range of consumer packs, as well as pulp trays. With the Contiflow system, you can transfer up to 65,000 eggs/hour per level, depending on the pack size.

The layout


Contiflow can play a crucial role in your operation, especially if you want to connect case packers offline. How does it exactly work? The grader packing lane (2) feeds the packs onto the Contiflow shooting lanes (3). The grader packing lanes are connected to one of the Contiflow levels, or the manual pickup point, for maximum flexibility. Each Contiflow level is connected to one case packer.


The Contiflow system comprises two main sections: a base section and a delivery section. The Contiflow base section transports the packs from the grader to the merge conveyor, while the delivery section transports the packs from the base section to one or more packing machines.


Double product mode

Contiflow features a double product mode which makes it possible to run different packs on one transport level at the same time. This optimizes the packing capacity for smaller batches running in parallel. This feature is designed for egg producers with an MR12, since this robotic system can process two independent products.

   Double product modetest-1

Check your operation in 3D

A huge advantage of Moba's Contiflow system is that it offers a dynamic 3D visualization of the entire process. The position of the packs, alarms and statuses displayed on the 3D viewer directly reflect the current situation. This means that in the event of a blockage, Contiflow provides the operator with a detailed view of the location, leading to improved uptime. If a warning occurs in a zone, this is clearly displayed on the screen (1a) as the floor area under the zone will turn yellow. If an error occurs, the floor area under the zone turns red (1b). You can even access this 3D visualization on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Tracking every pack

An added benefit of the Contiflow system is that consumer packs can be tracked and traced. The Contiflow control system tracks the packs traveling through the conveyor system. How? By using encoders and carrying out checks with photocells. If packs are missing, or if unexpected packs show up, the system reports an error.


If you want to find out more about how you can track and trace your packs using Contiflow, check out the story about our customer Loeuf Sas.

Unique maintenance features

Based on decades of experience and knowledge, practical maintenance features make the Contiflow system easy to maintain and help to increase overall efficiency and availability. An integrated sensor ensures that all sensors function properly during start-up after cleaning or standstill. The sensor maintenance mode allows you to continue operation in a limited way while maintenance staff fixes the faulty sensor.

Configure to your needs

The Contiflow system is a complete transport system, which includes all required logistic functions, such as:

- Open pack reject-module: detects any open packs and pushes them onto the reject conveyor.

Line sorter: a unit that divides incoming packs over two outfeed conveyors. A pack can be sent forward to the first outfeed conveyor, or it can be pushed over to the second outfeed conveyor.

test-1                                           Open pack reject                                                                     


                                                  Line shorter

- Pressure roller: firmly closes each pack.
- Tray/Pack rotation unit: can be placed on any conveyor in the delivery section to rotate trays or packs by 90°.
- Corner: can be applied if a pack has to travel along a connected conveyor in a perpendicular direction.

- Buffer conveyor: a system of multiple transport conveyors that can run independently of each other. This means that when there is a stoppage somewhere downstream in the system, the Moba grader will continue to operate for some time since it can create a buffer by minimizing the space between the packs. Once the stoppage is resolved, the downstream equipment will start running again and the buffer will be removed after a certain period.

test-1                                           Corner              



All of these options and possibilities ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency of your transport system.  If you want to find out more about Moba's Contiflow system, please contact your local sales representative.


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