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All about the farmpacking process

How the performance of your Farmpacker makes all the difference

Moba egg grading, packaging and processing machines are packed with technology. Some designs are worth further investigation as they represent crucial customer value. In this series of articles, we will be zooming in on these "hidden gems." For the summer edition of Moba News, we will dive into the world of Farmpackers.


First things first — what exactly does a Farmpacker do? Unlike egg graders such as the Forta and Omnia, a Farmpacker does not grade eggs: it packs the eggs coming from poultry houses. The eggs are packed directly into trays, or can also be packed onto stacks and pallets, without weighing and checking them first. During the farmpacking process, eggs are made transportable so they can be sent to a packing station, where the eggs are then graded and packed into consumer packs. In other words, a Farmpacker operates as a connecting link between chicken houses and an offline packing station.


For farmers who sell their eggs to egg grading and packing stations, the packing process on the farm itself is crucial. The difference between using a good and a bad Farmpacker can make a large percentage difference in the number of cracked eggs, which has an enormous effect on the yearly profit. Therefore the performance of the Farmpacker can determine the success of your company.


Moba's signature: individual egg handling

To ensure that your eggs arrive safely at the packing station, Moba has developed the Mopack product line. This machine family focuses on ensuring that eggs are handled as gently as possible by implementing Moba's well-known individual egg handling principle. This principle begins the moment the eggs find their way onto the rollers. The rollers have a unique hourglass shape that ensures the eggs settle quickly and effortlessly, stopping tumbling in milliseconds and therefore preventing egg-to-egg contact. This prevents hairline cracks and consequently cross-contamination. The principle of individual egg handling continues in the grippers and dropset and only ends when the eggs are gently placed into the trays. This ensures that the number of cracked eggs is kept to a minimum.


Technical choices that make the difference

As discussed above, the farmpacking process plays a key role in the success of your business. As your hens lay eggs every single day, it is vital for continuity that you can pack your eggs without interruption. You need reliable equipment that you can count on to get the job done. Mopack uses proven and robust technologies based on Moba's years of experience in packing stations around the world. An example can even be found in the concept choices in the denester, used on all Moba's Farmpackers. Using a concept that denests the packages upside down prevents denester faults. This results in less downtime and helps you efficiently pack your eggs.


Easy to clean

Food safety is paramount for every egg producer. That is why Moba has designed the Mopack with easy cleaning in mind. All Moba Farmpackers are made of stainless steel and use Moba's famous synthetic parts for the hygienic and gentle egg handling. The sensitive parts of the machine are placed above the egg flow wherever possible. The conveyors are designed so that the accumulation of dirt and egg contents is limited to the absolute minimum. All of these choices ensure that the Mopack is easy to clean.


A Service team you can count on 24/7

A problem with your Farmpacker won't stop your hens from laying eggs. If a problem occurs, you can always count on Moba's Service team. The team consists of dedicated experts with many years of experience and technical knowledge. Our Service organization offers field service support, 24/7 HelpDesk support, Customer Care and the availability of certified spare parts close to where you are located.


Mopack: the partner for all your farmpacking needs

Moba offers equipment that suits your company. For low- to medium-capacity requirements, Moba offers the Mopack40, -55 and -70. These are high-performance machines that handle your eggs with great care and at high speed. For situations in which high capacity is required, Moba offers the Mopack100 and -150. The latter combines the traditional virtues of continuous movement with the capacity advantage of packing six eggs in one cycle. Moba also offers a repacker, the Mopack R. Repackers are used when egg grading is not required and farm eggs are directly packed into consumer packs.


Introducing the new Mopack EP

As the recognized leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing machines, Moba is constantly looking for ways to improve your business by developing and realizing best-value solutions. That is why we have added a new member to our Mopack-family: the Mopack EP. At the VIV Europe show, we already gave a sneak peek, and in an upcoming Moba News, we will share more detailed information about the innovative way this Farmpacker packs the eggs. So don’t miss it!

                                                                               The Mopack EP

Are you interested in the farmpacking process? Please contact your local sales representative for more information.


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