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Mopack100 and 150: reliable partners for large-scale farmpacking

Intelligent farmpackers that handle your eggs with care

Moba egg grading, packaging and processing machines are packed with technology. Some designs are worth further investigation as they represent crucial customer value. In this series of articles, we will be taking a closer look at these "hidden gems". If you are looking for a farmpacker that can handle eggs in large amounts, the Mopack100 and 150 are the solutions of choice, because these farmpackers combine gentle egg handling with a high capacity. 


The Mopack100 and 150 pack eggs from poultry houses directly into trays, before these eggs are brought to an egg packing station for further processing. These farmpackers are your ally in situations that require high capacity. They can handle 36,000 eggs (Mopack100) and 54,000 eggs (Mopack150) per hour. However, these Mopacks have different operating principles.


Mopack100: a carousel-based approach
A fundamental principle of the Mopack100 is the continuous flow of eggs. By using a sophisticated carousel, the Mopack100 makes a difference. The eggs are accumulated and put on rollers independent of the packing process. If one egg in the flow is missing, one gripper in the carousel remains empty but the rest of the process continues. This has the unique advantage of combining gentle egg handling with a high capacity.


This carousel can be compared to a bus that keeps on driving and where the eggs can be placed gently in their own seat. If one egg is missing, the bus does not stop, but continues to drive, causing only minor efficiency losses. This efficient carousel concept achieves:

  1. A net production that is very close to the theoretical maximum;
  2. The use of individual egg treatment that results in a better performance in terms of gentle egg handling and has the lowest possible impact on the eggs;

The operational principle of the Mopack150
The Mopack150 combines the traditional virtues of continuous movement with the capacity advantage of packing six eggs in one cycle. How? By using an intelligent accumulator system that predicts the availability of eggs at the entry ports of the packers seconds in advance.


First, the eggs pass the accumulator, which is speed controlled based on the influx of the eggs from the layer houses. The downstream accumulator conveyor is divided into six individual channels. Each channel is speed controlled in such a way that all the eggs can be gently placed onto the infeed rollers. This results in a continuous movement until the eggs are packed into the trays. There is no need to wait for the sixth egg as is the case with a conventional farmpacker with a packer head. After passing the entry ports, the eggs are oriented on a small roller section and will be placed onto transport cups. The cups are mounted in a way that allows for excellent egg handling. The cups transport the eggs to the next stage: the drop system. The conversion to the right pitch of the tray is also carried out by this cup system.

The drop system is also characterized by continuous movement. Two egg guides rotate the eggs down in a forward movement that matches the continuous moving tray. This way, the eggs can be placed with zero difference in speed. The result: even the weakest eggs are placed perfectly in the trays. The operational principle is visualized in the infographic below:


Keeping it clean
An important focus area of the Mopack150 is hygiene. That is why these farmpackers are constructed in such a way that all the parts that come in contact with the eggs, like the accumulator, roller conveyor and packing system, can be easily removed for cleaning with a high-pressure cleaning system. This ensures that these parts can be cleaned thoroughly and daily. To make it easier, a transport cart is included. This cart allows you to remove the parts without heavy lifting. The main advantage of this construction method is that this allows for a hygienic and clean packing process that will ultimately result in more grade-A eggs being supplied to your egg retailer.


Ready for the future

The Mopack100 and 150 are perfect if you want to further optimize your packing process and prepare for further automation. For example, these farmpackers can be seamlessly coupled to a Moba Tray Palletizer (MR40). This creates a farmpacking station with hardly any manual labor, thereby ensuring that your staff no longer has to carry out physically demanding work.


Easy to operate
Making data such as layer performance and machine diagnostics accessible and making your equipment easy to operate can be very valuable. That is why the Mopack100 and 150 have a comprehensive operating system, offering a touchscreen for general machine settings such as speed settings or cleaning mode selection, a help menu and more to make it easier for you to get the most out of your equipment. 


Contact your Moba sales representative if you would like more information about the Mopack100 or 150.


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