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Moba Asia Service department

Supporting our customers in the Asia-Pacific region

At Moba, we are committed to offering high-end field support, 24/7 HelpDesk support and certified spare parts availability. With fourteen subsidiaries around the globe, we can achieve this goal by being located close to our customers, speaking their language and understanding their needs. When our customers need support, they can rely on Moba's dedicated team of engineers. In this edition of Moba News, we will meet one of the engineers: Mr. Joel Agustin, who has been part of the Moba Asia Service Department for over three years.


Tinkering with machinery and finding solutions to complex problems — for Joel Agustin, there is nothing better. He has always been interested in machinery installation and troubleshooting. So when the opportunity arose three years ago to apply for an engineer position at Moba Asia, Joel did not hesitate to send in his resume. And so, his journey as a Moba engineer began: "My first customer visit was to Sadiq Poultry in Pakistan. It was an installation project and I remember learning the installation process and how to operate the machine for the first time. It was a very good experience for me in terms of traveling and working."

Finding solutions

After three years at the company, Joel knows all the ins and outs of Moba equipment. Working at Moba has made him a more competent engineer. "For me, the biggest challenge of this job is solving complex problems," Joel explains. "It is challenging yet fascinating to learn how machines fundamentally operate. These challenges enable my problem-solving skills to develop even more effectively."


As an engineer, Joel has met the diverse customer base of Moba Asia. From assembling machines in countries such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines, where until recently egg producers used to grade eggs by hand and are only now discovering automatic grading, to installing high-end equipment in Australia and Taiwan, where robots and traceability are on the rise. Joel: "Moba Asia has always been close to its customers. We are committed to providing excellent customer care and support, and customers have always been grateful for our services."


Supporting our customers
As a Moba engineer, Joel often visits customers to help with installation and maintenance or to resolve problems. "Personally, I have always enjoyed doing servicing and fixing breakdowns. It has always been a joy to solve problems and meet the customer's needs."


To help our customers in the best way possible, our engineers need to have extensive knowledge of all the Moba equipment. That is why Joel visited Moba's headquarters in Barneveld, the Netherlands for a training session. "It was an excellent training opportunity to learn more about Moba's products and services. Unfortunately, further training was put on hold due to the pandemic. Moba BV delivers a highly organized training structure for engineers. I look forward to much more of this innovative and beneficial training."

Especially in current times, the rise of remote support is changing the way that services are provided. "The ability to troubleshoot in real time has always been an advantage for the Service team. Logging into the customer's system and troubleshooting machine problems in real time enables the team to become better at understanding machine issues. In the race against time, troubleshooting efficiently has always been an advantage for customers and the service team."


Being part of the Moba Asia team
Joel is thankful to be part of the Moba Asia family, a team that is committed to offering top-quality service and support to its customers. "Our team members have always been able to communicate effectively with each other, stay organized and contribute tirelessly to customer support. I believe that these are the strengths of the team."

"The Moba Asia team has not only contributed to widening my technical skill set, but it has also enabled me to sharpen my troubleshooting skills by working more closely with our team of talented and experienced engineers. Our team members have always been supportive of one another and share the common goal of serving our customers to the best of their ability."

moba asia

In 1997, the Moba Asia office, which focuses on providing services to all countries within the Taiwan, India, and New Zealand triangle, was opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was a logical development since the Asian market was already growing very quickly. From Kuala Lumpur, there are good connections with all other Asian countries as well as Australia and New Zealand. In addition, there are a lot of qualified technicians available in Malaysia, which is an extremely multicultural country where many languages are spoken. For example, our team at Moba Asia speaks Malay, English, Tamil, Mandarin, and Cantonese. This is an enormous help in understanding and connecting with customers. There is also good knowledge of other cultures. This is a huge advantage when communicating with customers during service implementation.



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