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Improvements TO the tray washer


During the grading, packing and processing of eggs, the egg trays can become quite dirty. It is important to make sure that the trays are automatically processed and cleaned. This can be a difficult process. That is why the development team of Moba Zaandam continuously work on optimization and improvements in the tray washing process. Because of this hard work a number of options are now available for our customers to make the washing of trays easier.


Maximize comfort and performance

There are two sets of updates. You can maximize the comfort and efficiency of your tray washer with:

  • Double tray detection

  • Overflow drain of the main tank

  • Magnets on upper pushing plate of the centrifuge

  • Single Stack Pusher (SSP)

  • Automatic infeed system (TCP) and logistical tray transport system


And there are new performance updates:

  • New spraying tubes in the wash section

  • Heat exchanger

  • Soap and/or Anti foam dosing system

  • Brushes in wash section

  • Rinsing of washed trays

  • Disinfection of washed trays (only in combination with option rinsing)

  • New filter elements in main wash tank.

Unfortunately some of the options may not be available for your tray washer without a big change in the tray washer concept. Of course we can investigate whether a desired option can be implanted in your tray washer.


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