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Customer Care: long-term relationship is the key

In November 2016 Moba introduced the Customer Care Department. With this service, we expect to further intensify the mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers during the life cycle of the equipment. Marcel Maijer and Rene Rozendaal are the main drivers behind Customer Care. Target is to ensure that our customers get all they need to maximise the performance of their machines and processes.

"Our desire is to give the customers the best service possible. That is the reason why Moba brought the Customer Care Team to life", explains Marcel Maijer. He was involved with Customer Care from the beginning and built up a team of experienced and well-trained engineers. "In the past, Moba's focus was on delivering and servicing the equipment. In our journey to deliver the best possible service and added value to our customers we realised that we need to go beyond technology"


“Our desire is to give the customers the best service possible. That is the reason why Moba brought the Customer Care Team to life”


Within the Customer Care Team the focus is on bringing value to our customers, through the unique combination of big data, analytics and human expertise. The goal is to prevent problems by proactively providing solutions that improve overall performance. To act proactively, we need a switch of philosophy at Moba. Rene Rozendaal explains: “Moba’s focus was more on responding to problems. The Helpdesk team is on call 24/7 and available in different regions and time zones around the globe. Our team speaks the language of the customer. Our helpdesk is reliable and professionally organised, however we wanted to do more for our customers. Not only respond quickly when there are problems, but also what can we do to prevent those problems? This is an extended view and relatively unexplored field for Moba and our customers."

An example of proactive acting is iMoba. Marcel: “We analyse the information that the iMoba app collects from the customer’s machine. When we notice something that can be important for that particular user, we will contact them. For example, iMoba shows the uptime of the machine and the number of stops. Ultimately the information indicates when the equipment need service. As a result we can contact the customer to inform and schedule a check in time in order to prevent machine issues or downtime as much as possible.”


We are in the process of setting up and organizing our team. We continuously think about ways to support  our customers even better

Customer Care has been newly established within Moba. Rene: “We are in the process of setting up and organising our team. We continuously think about ways to support our customers even better. At Moba we want to be innovative. Not only with our equipment and technology, but also with our customer service.” One of the most recent developments is the Remote Webapp. Marcel: “We are still in the test phase with this online application. With this app our customers can start an online session with their Moba equipment from any web browser, enabling access to your machine from any location.” With this new feature it is also possible, if needed and at the customer’s request, that the Moba Helpdesk can remotely log in to your machine for support.


Another new tool will be the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) module. Moba is planning to launch this tool by the end of this year. The FAQ module enables customers to ask their questions 'online'. Rene: "This will ease the workload of the Helpdesk and make it easier for customers and field service engineers to get answers to their questions. By this way we can proactively improve the information needs in the future. For example, we can change our training program or instruction manuals based on input of FAQ users.”


Field support, Productivity Assesments and Consultation

A unique aspect of the Customer Care are the productivity assessments. Rene: “Our Customer Care Engineers will visit a customer for a couple of days. During these visits we interview all sorts of people within the company to get the whole picture on how the customer has organised his production and processes. We do not only focus on the equipment but also analyse and audit customer operations, processes and working methods. Organisation, staff, safety, maintenance, cleaning, transport as well as machine and equipment performance are aspects which influence overall efficiency and are audited. We utilise our experience and knowledge to share best practices for the industry.” According to Marcel and Rene these visits can be very valuable for Moba customers. Marcel: “Sometimes the customer is too close to the process and doesn’t see possibilites for improvement in his facility. A fresh pair of eyes will explore hidden problems or issues and identify improvement areas and opportunities. Our Customer Care Engineers have many years of experience while visiting numerous customers worldwide. They know what is necessary to keep the equipment in top condition, with maximum uptime and which best practices should be implemented in order to obtain maximum efficiency ”

With offering these services and products our customers may expect maximum availability, minimum operating costs and optimum operating results for their equipment.

Care packs
Above services and products are part of the Customer Care Program. The total programs consists of:

- Remote Machine Monitoring & Process Optimisation

Productivity Assessment

- Care packs

 - 24/7 Helpdesk and field support


Marcel: “With offering these services and products our customers may expect maximum availability, minimum operating costs and optimum operating results for their equipment. Moba is the world market leader in egg grading and packing systems for the egg industry. Next to this we also want to be acknowledged as the innovative leader in Customer Care. We continuously strive to offer better services and added value to our customers. To be where our customers need us and where we can add value to their business. We strongly believe in a personal and people-oriented approach, and being reliable at heart." 

For more information, please contact or get in touch with your local Moba representative.  


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