Moba’s premium line in egg grading and packing machines the Omnia series, is now available in all capacities. In addition to this, the XF range is replaced by a brand new XF2 family. Click here to find out more. The highest food safety standards in the industry are combined with Moba’s famous individual egg handling, resulting in the most efficient machine available. All leading egg producers have embraced this latest technology, underlining the capabilities of the Omnia series. Coupled with Moba’s worldwide service network, you can count on many years of worry-free operation.

It is our firm belief that our customers benefit the most from their investment in equipment if the top three cost factors (packaging costs, labor costs and losses throughout the process) are significantly reduced. While installing an egg grading and packing machine is a huge investment, we are convinced that making the right decisions results in lower total cost of ownership. This decision-making process needs to evaluate equipment specifications, but aspects such as efficiency, yield of the total operation, uptime, supplier service capabilities, running costs and residual value should also be taken into account. Our aim is to be the partner that helps you make the right decision.


Your Moba Omnia grading machine can be tailored to your needs, with capacities from 45,000 – 255,000 eggs per hour. Start grading with the Moba Omnia you will achieve top efficiency, comply with food safety standard and you will have a strong service network.


from 45,000 up to 255,000 eggs/hour from 125 up to 700 cases/hour




Top efficiency

The more eggs that make it as a usable product, the better it is. Not only from a financial perspective, but also when taking the ecological footprint of your operation into account. Waste of valuable food should be minimized. That’s why Moba takes much pride in maximizing the yield of the Omnia graders. The percentage of incoming eggs that make it to a consumer product is often referred to as “Table eggs %” or “Grade A %”. 

Many customers confirmed that when moving to an Omnia, a gain of 2% more Grade A was achieved, sometimes even more. Imagine what that means if just by using an Omnia grader, you have 2% more eggs to sell. This number results from many technological steps in the Omnia design such as its unsurpassed egg handling and smart software that helps you make use of as many of the incoming eggs as possible. 

A grader running at high yield is a basis for efficiency. Minimizing losses of eggs and packing material will directly influence the total cost of ownership. Combine this with minimum labor and maximum uptime and you can see why a Moba Omnia grader is a solid long term investment. Even after many years of operation, a Moba grader still has a significant trade-in value.

Shell Inspector

Food safety

Food safety is priority number one for food producers. Moba uses innovative technologies to ensure that its machinery meets the highest hygiene standard. All Moba Omnia graders are designed to minimize the presence of dirt spots potentially harmful to the eggs while operating. By having vital equipment above the egg flow, no dirt traps can fill up with incidental drips from a dirty or leaking egg. At the same time, constructions are made in such a way that easy cleaning can be performed after operation. Depending on your needs, the various series offer a range of features for cleaning the equipment. With all the latest technologies Moba offers, it is possible to lower the risk of polluted eggs ending up at the consumer’s home.

Moba CLeaning Machine Omnia

Strong service network

Grading eggs is like top-level sport. Your “athlete” can only perform at its best if it is in top condition. Moba’s service network is there to support you. And this support goes beyond fixing an incidental problem. Our focus is on preventive maintenance. By means of various training programs, remote diagnosis tools, iMoba monitoring and Service Care Packs we can assist you in keeping the equipment in good condition. 

Our service staff of over 160 people is a reassuring and stable factor in the continuity of your production. With spare part warehouses in 9 locations around the globe, we maximize the availability of critical parts and minimize waiting times. With 14 offices and a service team speaking 27 different languages, we are a global organization with a personal touch. It is our aim to be close to you!

Strong Service Network


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