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The Crono9 is the highest capacity loader (225,000 eggs/hour and 626 cases/hour) available on the market. Most production dead times during the egg breaking process is due to loader stops. It is critical that a loader can adapt to all kinds of eggs of many different qualities, ages, sizes and shapes. The handling of these fragile eggs needs to be performed at a constant speed, smoothly and gently, to guarantee a constant egg supply to high-capacity process equipment.


The Crono9 with its innovative design concept surpasses commonly used loading technology, which is based on suction heads mounted on rotation arms. The loader uses the multilink servo-assisted auto-adjusting technology, which combines maximum efficiency and performance with gentle egg handling. Due to the revolutionary multilink system, the Crono9 loader can be easily adapted to different types of eggs and trays, which reduces the downtime of your machine.

The Crono9 loader has a fully washable stainless steel design and high effective Cleaning in Place (CIP). In contrary to all other egg loaders, the Crono9 has no empty return movement during loading that limits the capacity. Thanks to this innovative feature, called the dual feeding arm, the empty return path is eliminated, which improves productivity.


Other characteristics are:

  • The equipment is fully servo-driven to drastically reduce maintenance time;

  • Better accessibility to strategic areas for quick and easy cleaning to meet the highest hygiene standards;

  • Capable of handling the most challenging eggs and trays:

   - Two-step egg release system, specially designed for second-grade eggs;

   - Contactless stuck egg detection for empty trays that accurately detects stuck eggs on flats without misplacing them;

   - Four-sided tray pickup that works especially well with wet trays;

   - Multizone automatic foaming cleaning system;

  • Compact design with a small footprint and can be easily configured according to your plant and room layout.

Model Single Tray Destacker Loading capacity
Crono9 - + 225,000 eph / 626 cph

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