Egg loading

Maximum performance with less downtime and more continuity

Egg loading has always been a critical factor in the egg breaking process. During this process, eggs are often more fragile than during egg grading, another delicate egg process but with fewer constraints. Moba egg loaders are designed to guarantee maximum performance and continuous operation. Made of stainless steel, all Moba egg loaders are fully automatic to ensure stable and gentle egg handling for maximum efficiency. Egg handling must be performed at a constant speed, smooth and gentle, to enable a constant egg supply to high-capacity egg breaking and separating systems. 


The state-of-the-art Crono loaders incorporate all Moba's experience and knowledge. The innovative multilink servo-assisted technology guarantees maximum performance, minimum downtime, and dramatically reduced egg loss. Loading can be performed with automatic Crono loaders or combined solutions using egg accumulators. The Crono loaders family can reach a capacity of up to 255,000 eggs/hour (626 cases/hour).  

Model Single Tray Destacker Loading capacity
Crono1 + - 10,000 – 45,000 eph / 27 - 125 cph
Crono2 - + 72,000 eph / 200 cph
Crono4 - + 130,000 eph / 360 cph
Crono6 - + 180,000 eph / 500 cph
Crono9 - + 225,000 eph / 626 cph

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