Realtime Dashboard

Converting data into value

This module shows you the actual status of your Omnia grader. As with all iMoba modules, its functionality is delivered via the cloud. This means that you have access to the information whenever you are connected to the internet. For example, you can have live status updates anywhere, with a delay of approximately one minute. So this dashboard provides you with the actual status right at your fingertips.

We believe that in the current world, with its overload of information, it is essential to be selective. That is why we made the Realtime Dashboard configurable. This allows you to select pieces of information that are useful for your own role or situation. To illustrate this, we have described different user cases in the next selection.


Every now and then you have the need as a manager to know how your operations are running. Especially when you are not at the production site, you can feel the need to take a quick peek at the actual status of your grader.

For those situations you can configure your Realtime Dashboard with the Supplier, the Egg Type and the Machine Running widgets. So you can have a quick reassurance that everything is running OK.

In case you are running an inline operation and your crew struggles with getting the eggs properly to the grader, you might like to add the Filling Rate widget to your dashboard. Then you will be able to check if the improvements you decided on have the desired effect.

Sample screenshot from desktop:

Realtime dashboard 1

Quality officer

As a quality officer you are responsible for the quality of the end product. In order to properly time the samples that you take, you need to have a view on the actual Offgrades. Combined with the selected Machine Speed, this might give you a hunch to verify a critical product (based on your experience). Egg Type and Supplier may also add beneficially to this judgement.

Sample screenshot from desktop:

Realtime dashboard 2

Realtime dashboard 3

Maintenance engineer

As a maintenance engineer you are mainly interested in the uptime of the machine. To manage that you will have a larger timeframe to monitor and evaluate machine performance. The Performance Pro module is especially suitable for that purpose. Nevertheless it can be very convenient to have a quick glance at the actual machine state without having the need to go to the MMI. As a maintenance engineer, you might select the Machine States and some Speed widgets to realize this convenience.

Sample screenshot from desktop:

Production team

When you configure a dashboard for the operations team, you want to select the widgets that help on the production floor. The Egg Type widget may be of interest, as operating instructions may vary depending on the egg type. The Machine Running widget may be of interest, so that everyone will immediately see that there is a key problem when the machine stops. The Offgrades variation may impact the takeaway side of the machine. And the Fill Rate may be an indicator of loader issues. So the default widget scheme is probably very useful for the operations team.

Sample screenshot from desktop:

Realtime dashboard 4

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