Extended warranty

For optimal protection against unexpected circumstances

All Moba equipment is assembled by highly skilled professionals and thoroughly tested before installation. Even with regular maintenance, situations may occur with your machinery which can’t always be avoided. We understand that repairs to your machine are always inconvenient and come with unexpected costs. A warranty is just what you need to cover this.


When you buy a Moba machine, you receive a standard one-year manufacturer's warranty. For the Omnia, this includes an eight week and a nine month inspection. If you need more certainty, we offer an extended warranty for twelve months, with an extra inspection at eighteen months, for that extra ease of mind.


The extended warranty includes:

  • Inspections in accordance with Moba service intervals and inspection lists

  • Support from experienced and skilled Moba field service engineers

  • Exclusive use of OEM Moba parts. Safety and warranty remain intact

  • For Omnia machines, one-year iMoba performance pro is included
  • Attractive rates
  • No unexpected costs

With the extended warranty, you have optimum protection against unexpected circumstances and you can run your operation worry-free. You can include an extended warranty from the moment you buy the equipment until the machinery has been running for eight months. For more information, please contact our Customer Care team: customercare@moba.net.


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