Service Agreements

Preventive maintenance, your best assurance for maximum machine uptime

To avoid the possibility of problems occurring with your machinery, we advise regular preventive maintenance. With preventive maintenance, your machine stays in top condition and has maximum machine uptime. With a Moba service agreement, it is your choice whether you do your maintenance in-house or outsource it to Moba.


If you choose the latter, our experienced and highly skilled engineers will visit your plant and maintain your equipment. Specialized technicians will support your equipment, systems, applications and processes to increase system availability and productivity.


This has many benefits:

  • Your operation will be more reliable if you have the equipment checked regularly by specialists. The chance of malfunctions is considerably lower and the products you supply will be of a higher quality.
  • If you regularly check your equipment, there is less chance of accidents on the work floor. Therefore, preventive machine maintenance creates a safer working environment for the employees who work with the equipment daily.
  • By planning maintenance at the most favorable moment, the production process will remain running as much as possible and you lose as little turnover as possible.
  • Preventive maintenance costs less than the costs of wear or damage to your equipment. Hence, prevention is better than recovery.
  • Regular maintenance expands the lifespan of your machine: you can use the machine for more hours and thus get the maximum return from your machines and investments.

iMoba performance pro

We offer an iMoba performance pro module license free of charge when you conclude a new Omnia service agreement (preventive maintenance). This contract is only applicable to Omnia graders installed as of 2015. You can use iMoba performance pro for free as long as the Omnia service agreement is valid.

iMoba can do so much more for your business, please click here for more information.


Experience the difference preventive maintenance can make for your business. Please contact our Customer Care team and find out: 


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