CIP Systems

To meet the highest hygiene standards


CIP systems

Hygiene is paramount in the egg industry. After every processing cycle all major systems including the pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, etc., need to be carefully cleaned and sanitized.


Cleaning in Place (CIP) is the method of cleaning that makes it possible to clean the equipment without the need of dismantling it.


Moba offers fully integrated CIP systems designed to provide the proper cleaning and sanitation of all the equipment with a minimum environmental load and energy consumption. With Moba CIP systems your equipment meets the highest standards of hygiene and food safety.

Model Applications Features
1-Tank Breakers, fillers Fully automated, single use caustic and acid
2-Tank Small breaking plants Fully automated, caustic recovery, single use acid
3-Tank Medium and large breaking plants Fully automated, caustic recovery and option for acid or rinse recovery
4-Tank Medium and large breaking plants Fully automated, caustic, acid and rinse recovery

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