iMOBA concepts

Converting data into value

iMOBA concept

An important feature of iMoba is that it is cloud-based. This allows the user to access the iMoba app anywhere, provided that there is an internet connection. The app can be used on any device: the app is available for smartphone, tablet or browser. So whenever you have a spare moment, you can check how your operation is running. You can also do an analysis over a certain period to get ideas for improvement.

Owner of the data

One of the design principles of iMoba is that the owner of the machine is the owner of the data produced by that machine and should remain the owner of that data. In other words, the machine will only start uploading data with the explicit approval of the owner. When the owner of the machine signs in to the iMoba app, a new page will open in which he/she can approve the administrators for his/her machine(s). If you are an owner but you do not see this screen, you should contact your Moba sales representative or send an email to

The system identifies the owner by means of his/her email address. It is possible that the email address that you used to register is not the same as the email address that the system knows. This can be corrected when you contact Moba.

User management

There are three different roles in iMoba:

  • Owner role: The owner has the ability to approve the upload and assign administrator(s) for each machine. An owner can also choose to assign himself/herself as administrator.
  • Admin role: The administrator has the ability to define the encryption key (see the section about security for details), to select iMoba modules for the machines, to grant users access to the machine and to the selected module(s).
  • User role: The user is granted access to all parts of the data that have been approved and configured by the administrator.


Important remark: the customer is in total control of the user management. This means Moba cannot grant access to users of a customer machine. By design that only can be done by the admin. It is advised to assign a backup admin in your organization to cover holidays and illness.


The cloud service that we use (Microsoft Azure) forms the basis of our security. On top of that we added the following extra measurements:

  • Definition of an encryption key:
    • A key used to encrypt the confidential part of the upload (like supply information and product information);
    • A key only stored on the machine and devices, not in the cloud itself. Distribution of the key to user can only take place when the machine is operational;
    • Note that the key is not stored plainly on the devices but that it is encrypted by an iMoba generated key first. In that way we are protected against the loss of devices.

  • Two ways of authentication:
    • A user logs in using his/her email address and password. During registration the email address is verified by sending a link;
    • When a user signs in to the app for the first time on a device, the system will ask for an activation code. This code is send via text message to the mobile phone of the user;
    • When the user fills in the correct activation code the encryption key will be stored on the device.

How to start?

As stated before: the owner is in total control. So this means that he/she has to take the first step. Starting up in a nutshell:

  • The owner starts with registration.
  • After registration he/she can login to iMoba.
  • Next step is to approve uploading for the machines the owner wants to connect with iMoba. First the owner has to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then the owner can assign an admin for each machine, by filling in the email address of the admin.
  • The admin will receive an invitation to register. After registration the admin can define the encryption key.
  • The admin can start the trial.
  • The admin can assign users.
  • The users will receive an invitation to register.

Is my Omnia suitable for iMoba?

iMoba is designed for all types of Omnia. To connect your machine to iMoba it should have a recent Omnia Software (SW) version. The admin will notice this when trying to connect the machine. If the SW version is recent, the trial can start. If the SW version is not recent, the admin receives a message to contact Moba. It depends on the age and configuration of the machine whether only a SW update is required or that also a hardware upgrade is needed. Your Moba sales representative can help you with that. We have created iMoba packages that are available for all our Omnia customers.

Do you own a Moba machine?

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